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View or download the latest Corona Tools catalog and download official brand logos.

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View or download Corona Tools and Burgon & Ball product imagery.

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Gardening Guides

The Definitive Guides for Gardening Confidence

Based on tried and true principles, Corona's free gardening guides are designed to help you garden like an expert. Learn about assessing site conditions and creating a healthy growing environment for plants, uncover proper planting techniques, find pruning tips and activities for all seasons, and much more. Download the guides below to get started.

Principles of Pruning

Principles of Planting

Instructions and Installation Guides

Instructional guides for tool assembly, rope installation and more.

Assembly Instructions

TP 3714 and 3841

Assembly Instructions

TP 6830

Assembly Instructions

TP 6850

Assembly Instructions

TP 6870

Rope Installation

TP Pole Pruners

Rope Insertion

Corona Pole Pruner Handles

Rope Installation and Tying a Knot

Corona TP Pole Pruners

Sharpening Your Corona Pruning Tools

Make cleaner and easier cuts

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