New design features ergonomic grips for better cutting, and saw blade stores completely within handle for improved safety

(Corona, CA) RazorTOOTH Saws® have enjoyed a well-deserved popularity among homeowners, professionals and outdoor adventurers.  Corona has redesigned this favorite, with an upgraded ergonomic grip provides better cutting and control, and a new design stows the blade completely within the folded handle for added safety.



For small-to-medium branches, the 10-inch RazorTOOTH SAW® FOLDING SAW (RS16150, $29 ) uses the RazorTOOTH Saw® technology to make cuts twice as fast as standard saws. Its newly redesigned grip is both ergonomic and comfortable with a co-molded handle that completely stows away the blade when closed. The added safety feature means saw blade teeth are not exposed on the grip nor in the hang hole. This allows users to attach carabiner clips to safely stow the blade and hang the saw from a belt loop when not in use. Its curved-blade design contributes to faster cutting and is hot chrome plated for self-cleaning and to prevent corrosion for a longer service life. Each RazorTOOTH saw blade goes through four manufacturing processes for maximum durability, hardness and friction reduction. If needed, the 10-inch curved, taper-ground folding blade is replaceable.




For large branches, the 14-inch RazorTOOTH SAW® (RS16020, $38) is extremely fast and efficient. It is newly redesigned, featuring a co-molded handle with an ergonomic grip for added comfort during extended use. A curved-blade design delivers faster cutting. Each saw tooth is triple ground, providing three multi-faceted angles, and impulse-hardened to stay sharp longer and cut twice as fast after multiple cuts. The 14-inch, taper-ground blade is replaceable.


21-inch RazorTOOTH SAW® RAKER SAW 

Remove large branches and limbs with confidence using the 21-inch RazorTOOTH SAW® (RS16290, $68). This larger saw blade is designed with a raker pattern for self-cleaning, and features the valued 3-sided, impulse-hardened teeth made out of tempered-steel alloy to stay sharp longer and to cut twice as fast. The ergonometric, non-slip, D-handle is designed for gloved or 2-handed operation for larger cutting jobs.


About Corona®:

Corona Tools was born in the orange groves of Southern California in 1928. Our roots began with an invention that revolutionized the citrus industry. Since then, we’ve been designing superior garden and landscape tools for hard working professionals and gardeners, who take pride in a job well done. For generations, our customers have relied on Corona’s strength and durability. For over 90 years, Corona has established itself as a leading professional tool brand, primarily within North America. Part of the global Venanpri Tools family of hand tool brands, our tools are carried in retail stores, local garden centers, and landscape, agriculture and arborist suppliers.  For more information, visit www.shop.coronatoolsusa.com. Find Corona Tools on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Venanpri Tools:

Venanpri Tools is a global collective of the finest hand tool brands for agriculturists, horticulturists, gardeners, landscape and construction professionals. The cumulative experience of the Bellota, Burgon & Ball and Corona brands represents nearly 500 years of advancement in developing superior hand tools. With a global footprint spanning more than 125 countries across 6 continents, our brands have been the leading choice for generations of professionals who rely on quality and lasting performance.