Corona’s DiscCULTIVATOR with ComfortGEL® GripMakes Landscaping and Gardening Tasks Easy

Lightweight and built tough for maintaining landscape and garden beds

LG3634-d(Corona, CA) Corona’s new DiscCULTIVATOR with ComfortGEL® Grip (LG 3634, $43) makes quick work of maintaining the topsoil around ornamental and crop plants, weeding between rows, aerating soil and prepping bare spots in lawns for reseeding. Its 3 sets of steel tines will do the hard work for you and can be configured to work up close to plants without damaging them or soil structure. DiscCULTIVATOR is also lightweight, easy to transport and use, while being constructed of high-quality and durable materials.

Designed as a hand-held solution to easily maintain your property, it works near the surfaceofthe soil in careful patterns, making quick work of extracting young weed sprouts andbreaking up soil. Concave steel tines with offset angles, lift the soil and cut off roots, chopping unwanted weeds. When preparing a smooth, loose seedbed or prepping to re-seed lawns, the DiscCULTIVATOR teeth work near the surface, making the soil friable for effective seed germination.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Three sets of large, rotational, steel tines attach to an all-metal footplate (versus plastic) for added durability. Its heavy-duty steel tines have sharpened points that penetrate soil, resist clogging and are self-cleaning to prevent debris build up or caked on soil. The tines are also detachable and easy to adjust. Easy to grip and turn knobs, makes adding or removing tines simple and ideal for multiple landscape and garden uses.  

DiscCultivator garden and landscape maintenance on Corona ToolsThree Settings Options

  • The single-center configuration employing only one set of tines is great for navigating tight spots around ornamentals or in garden beds.
  • Using the two outside tines is perfect for weeding a row over the top of young seedlings.
  • The normal 3-tine setting brings power to weeding, aerating and tilling the topsoil or creating friable, even seed beds for larger areas.

For enhanced leverage and reduced back strain, the 48-inch-long, angled handle is ideal, while theComfortGEL® grip is the most comfortable, ergonomic grip in the garden. The steel tines are easy to clean off with a hose when the job is complete.

ComfortGEL® lawn and garden tools were made for exceptional comfort and control. We’ve engineered and developed a range of landscape and garden tools to provide you with hand-held solutions to cultivate, weed, till and maintain your property. Season after season, growing and sowing in the garden and landscape is a breeze with the functional, long-handled DiscCULTIVATOR with ComfortGEL® Grip.

View the DiscCultivator Video to see it in action

DiscCultivator video on Corona Tools

About Corona®:

Corona Tools was born in the orange groves of Southern California in 1928. Our roots began with an invention that revolutionized the citrus industry. Since then, we’ve been designing superior garden and landscape tools for hard working professionals and gardeners, who take pride in a job well done. For generations, our customers have relied on Corona’s strength and durability. For over 90 years, Corona has established itself as a leading professional tool brand, primarily within North America. Part of the global Venanpri Tools family of hand tool brands, our tools are carried in retail stores, local garden centers, and landscape, agriculture and arborist suppliers.  For more information, visit www.shop.coronatoolsusa.com. Find Corona Tools on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Venanpri Tools is a global collective of the finest hand tool brands for agriculturists, horticulturists, gardeners, landscape and construction professionals. The cumulative experience of the Bellota, Burgon & Ball and Corona brands represents nearly 500 years of advancement in developing superior hand tools. With a global footprint spanning more than 125 countries across 6 continents, our brands have been the leading choice for generations of professionals who rely on quality and lasting performance.