Corona Cares®  supports non-profit and philanthropic programs by donating the tools needed to maintain gardens and landscapes throughout the US and abroad. Each year, Corona provides grants to up to 30 community organizations to ensure they have the tools they need for their project to succeed. 

Program Guidelines

Please review the necessary guidelines and requirements to ensure your organization qualifies for the Corona Cares program.

  • A maximum total of 30 grants will be awarded through the Corona Cares program and its partners, in the calendar year.
  • Tool grant recipients agree to provide 1-3 pictures with the tools in use in the project, which may be used for Corona's marketing and public relations purposes.
  • Corona Cares grants will be selected and awarded by Corona Tools.
  • All tool grant tool packages are pre-selected with an approximate value of up to $1,000 based on retail value and includes shipping.
  • In-kind tool donations for fundraising events are not eligible for the grant program.
  • Applications are limited to schools, community gardens, wellness and rehabilitation facilities and civic events that give back to the community.
  • Value of each grant is $1,000 based on retail value and includes shipping.
  • Approved grant recipients are eligible for one (1) tool grant per calendar year with a maximum of 3 tool grants over the lifetime of the program.
  • All other partner grants will be subject to the terms of their individual designated partner programs.

Apply For a Corona Cares Grant