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Corona has been making garden, landscape and agricultural tools since the 1920s helping enthusiasts and professionals care for their environments. In keeping with the tradition of helping others, we developed the Corona CaresTM program to demonstrate our commitment to making a difference in the world, one person and one tool at a time.

Corona Cares about the environment by making our packaging 100% recyclable

Corona Cares about our by supporting green education and community projects

Corona Cares about connecting directly with gardeners and professionals who rely on our tools

Corona Cares about the quality of our tools and providing a positive user experience season after season

Helping Our Environment

Each year in America, we generate over 250 million tons of garbage that directly affects our environment. Since the 1960's the amount of waste has tripled with our increased population making it essential for consumers, businesses and government to be pro-active about reducing our impact on the environment.

At Corona, our mission is to provide a solution to this growing problem by producing product packaging that is 100% recyclable. We feel it's an important step to reducing the impact our packaging has on the environment.


Look for the CoronaCares symbol on our packaging and together we can help protect our environment and grow green, one garden tool at a time.

Supporting Communities

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There is a growing moment to improve our communities through gardening. Schools are educating our children about the importance of gardening, growing and enjoying fresh food and promoting better health. Organizations are also helping to care for their surroundings by building communities of volunteers who donate their time to improve our public spaces.  Growing food for those who are less fortunate and with limited access to healthy food, demonstrating the healing and therapeutic benefits of  gardens for the elderly, recovering from an illness or physically challenged.

Corona Cares supports those organizations by donating the tools they need to maintain gardens and landscapes throughout the country and abroad. Each month, Corona grants up to two organizations in need of tools by providing them with the tools they need for their project to succeed. And because we believe it's a community effort, we'll share our Corona Cares partner updates with our community on social networks who can help partners get additional tools they need as they grow.

2019 Applications are Closed

Thank you to all the organizations who applied for a 2019 tool grant! We have officially closed the program for 2019 and will be posting the Corona Cares tool grant recipients on our website, throughout the year. A list of selected projects and opportunities for with our partners is available here.


Connecting With You




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Corona has developed and forged its gardening and professional tools since the 1920s. Back in the early days, the orange growers in Southern California would trek across the desert to visit us in need of our agriculture tools to help harvest their crops. While not a highly effective nor efficient means of distribution, it gave us the ability to meet and interact with our customers face to face. In the modern age of mass merchants and distribution, Corona is able to efficiently get our tools to customers across the country, but in doing so miss out on the opportunity to get to know our customers.

Through technology, we now have the ability to connect with many of our customers through online networks such as Corona Tools Facebook, and Twitter. Home growers and professionals can learn what's going on at Corona, meet our team members, and provide us with feedback about the tools they need to become more efficient in their garden.  It is an opportunity for us to listen to what our customers have to say, interact with other enthusiasts and professionals while sharing and learning from each other.

Reaching out and engaging with our customers through technology helps us get back to our roots of getting to know the people who use our tools and share in our passion. Our goal is to easily provide the information they need, where they need it, when they need it and on the networks they use. 

We invite you to share your passion with us and we look forward to growing with you, season after season.

The Corona Experience

CoronaHvnRnch-42.jpgSince we began forging our tools back in the 1920s, Corona has remained steadfast in producing quality tools that are build to last, season after season. When gardeners and professionals select Corona tools, it becomes a lifetime commitment to us. We take that commitment seriously as it is our #1 mission to ensure each customer has a positive experience with our tools and will do everything possible to exceed your expectations.

We know that when you go out in the garden or job site, you rely on your Corona tools to help get the job done quickly and efficiently.  In the event one of our tools doesn't meet that expectation.

Corona's Customer Service department is on hand to take care of you. Our toll-free support line, 800-847-7863, enables you to connect directly to one of our specialists who will promptly address your needs and get you back to work as quickly as possible.

It's our guarantee and commitment to you for choosing Corona tools.