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Since 1730, Burgon & Ball® has been recognized as the UK’s leader for high-end gardening tools and accessories. Their products are highly sought out by gardeners for their old-world styling, fine craftsmanship, cutting-edge designs, and high-profile collaborations with Royal Horticultural Society and design icon, Sophie Conran. Appealing to the sophisticated gardener, these unique product lines include comfortable and durable garden wear, quality hand tools, exclusive fluorescent tools, pruners, and other must-have accessories.

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Garden Wear

Extremely durable. Incredibly comfortable.

Kneelo® knee pads

Triple layer foam design

Kneelo® Kneeler

Say goodbye to sore knees

Hip-Trug Caddy

Hands-free deadheading

Easy to Spot Colors

Never lose your tools in the garden again.

Bypass Pruner

1" cut capacity

Pocket Pruner

Contoured cushion grip

Flower & Fruit Snip

Finely pointed blade for precise cuts

Garden Gloves

Clean, dry hands without losing dexterity

Royal Horticultural Society

Burgon & Ball tools are the only garden tools to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, one of the world’s foremost horticultural experts and the UK’s leading gardening organization. You can be confident of the quality of these tools.

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© The Royal Horticulture Society
Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society
Registered Charity No 222879/SC038262


Invaluable tool for planting seeds and seedlings

Bulb Planter

Dig holes and plant bulbs fast

Hori Hori Garden Knife

Multi-purpose tool for digging, cutting and transplanting

Hand Tools

Tough and practical gardening tools.

Razor Hoe

Cultivate and chop any weed with this angled hoe


Powerful chopping action


Quick easy cutting of grasses and other herbaceous perennials

Sophie Conran
Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball

Having brought her inimitable combination of flair, style and design skills to the kitchen through her work with Portmeirion, Sophie Conran has now turned her attention to the tools that surround the other main love of her life — her garden.


Bypass Pruner

Smaller, lighter pruner — perfect for smaller hands

Precision Bypass Pruner

Fine precision tips — perfect for selective cutting & floristry working

Why Choose Burgon & Ball

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Incremental Sales

Burgon & Ball’s visually distinct range of products brings an array of in-demand tools to your mix, driving growth from existing customers as well as new ones.

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Competitive Advantage

Burgon & Ball tools not only perform, they inspire, with the heritage and tradition of Sheffield England. Distinguish your business as a cut above the rest.

Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Tagline: inspiring everyone to grow

Burgon & Ball tools are proudly endorsed by RHS, the world’s leading horticultural organization. This commitment to quality translates into fewer returns and more devoted customers.

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