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What to Look for When Buying Fresh Flowers

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Tue, Jul, 14, 2015 @ 19:07 PM

When you visit your local florist or order flowers online, do you ever think about where those flowers come from? In a national survey, only 74% of consumers know the origin of their flowers. The fact is, 80% of cut flowers U.S. consumers buy are imported, mostly from South American countries.

When you consider the time takes for imported flowers to get from the field to your local florist, they don’t have much longer before they begin to fade. In essence you are buying a product that is certain to provide limited enjoyment. On the other hand, local and domestic flowers are fresher since they don't travel far to your vase. And given a choice, 54% of consumers would prefer American grown flowers


Corona recently hosted a #plantchat with Debra Prinzing, noted garden writer and speaker, and creator of the slowflowers movement and spokesperson for the Certified American Grown (CAG). It was organized as unified and diverse coalition, made up of U.S. flower farms, including small and large entities in multiple states across the country. When buying flowers, consumers can look for the “American Grown” and “CA Grown” logos and be assured they are getting domestic and locally grown flowers.

As a result of our chat with Debra and the CAG, Corona was introduced to a series of events called Field to Vase Dinner Tour. It is a series of pop-up communal dining experiences that will take place at specialty flower farms across the country. 


Each event will feature a seasonal, four-course meal served at a table decorated with uncommonly beautiful American grown flowers. Guests will have rare access at each venue to meet and converse with the host flower farmer, a featured floral designer and a farm-to-table chef.

Attendees of each private flower-farm experience will take home new insights and a heightened understanding of the American floral landscape, symbolized by a local floral memento and gift bag from their visit. Included in each gift bag is a Corona Curved Snip [AG 4980SS $14] that has ergonomic and comfortable grips that are great for harvesting flowers, fresh fruit from the vine, and herbs.


The Field to Vase Dinner Tour continues throughout 2015, taking place across the country at unique destinations -- American flower farms in both urban and rural settings. Each event introduces guests to the age-old art and science of flower farming.

As a proud supporter of Field to Vase, friends of Corona can sign up for a special offer code for $25 off the ticket price at the remaining events going on through October 2015.

Save $25

Knowing where your flowers come from and choosing local, can help assure your fresh flowers will be fresher and last longer!

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