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Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Tue, Sep, 13, 2011 @ 17:09 PM
When you go out into your garden and landscape, do you carry your Corona tools? If that's how you roll, and you want to tell the world about it, then we have a giveaway made just for you! We promise it will be fun along with some very cool prizes with 1 person winning a collection of Corona's best in class tools and filling your shed with RED! It's easy, anyone can do it and here's how!

Round 1:How I Roll Photo Giveaway

Starting today, upload a picture to Corona Tools Facebook page using your favorite tool and tell us why it's your tool of choice in your yard. Be fun. Be Creative. And by all means, don't be afraid to show your love of red because it's up to our friends on Facebook to help you win. Is it your trusty Corona bypass pruner? An E-grip Weeder? The Corona Tools Garden App?(it counts too!) If you've never owned a Corona tool, now is the time get your hands on one, try it out and share it on Facebook since this contest is open to everyone. Well, okay it's open to anyone in the continental USA and you can't work for or be related to employees at Corona!

On October 1st, the 5 pictures with the most "likes" wins a Corona t-shirt and hat so get those pictures ready and posted! The more time people have to vote, the better your odds are of winning. In addition, the folks at Corona will pick up to 5 winners from the remaining pictures regardless of how many votes are cast. That gives you 2 ways to win and get you into the next round for the real giveaway!

Round 2: How I Roll Video Giveaway

wheelbarrows corona tools If you didn't have enough fun in round one, things get even more interesting for the winners who advance to round 2. That RED t-shirt becomes your golden ticket to winning some great Corona tools in this round! To get to that prized collection of Corona's finest, you'll have 3 weeks to create a short video using your favorite Corona tool in your new t-shirt and telling people why you love it! Tap into your creative side and tell us why you like it, how you use it, how much time it saves you or why it's the tool you chose when you roll. Just post the video on YouTube, blog or other video hosting service that allows viewer comments along with a link to it on the Corona Tools Facebook page.

Do that and you are guaranteed to win something come November 15, 2011. Whether it's a Dual Cut Bypass pruner, a complete set of the Dual Cut series, an iTouch to download the new Corona Tools App and the grand prize, a collection of Corona's best-in-class tools including everything from rakes, shovels, pruner, lopper, head shears, saw, hand tools, extendable handle series, and a Corona wheelbarrow to fill up your shed with RED and be ready to roll with Corona, season after season!

Giveaway Rules - Because someone always asks...rules are rules and here they are:
  • Open to US residents in continental US
  • Not open to members of Corona, relatives or individuals directly affiliated with Corona
  • Photos and videos must be G rated for all to view. We are a family company after all!
  • Video lengths should be no longer than 02:00 (2 minutes)
  • All entrants will grant rights to use photos and videos in print, digital and online promotional materials
  • Use official #CTHOWIROLL on Twitter

Round 2 Giveaway Rules:

Corona will judge entries on 3 main categories;# of views, best use of the tool, creativity

  • 1st Place: Corona Tool Collection valued at approximately $850
  • 2nd Place: iTouch compatible with the Corona Tools garden app
  • 3rd Place: Dual Cut Series
  • Remaining Entries: Dual Cut Bypass Pruner

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