Seed Selection, Storage and Saving Techniques

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Thu, Jan, 17, 2019 @ 17:01 PM

It may be the dead of winter with snow on the ground, but many gardeners are in a "seeding frenzy" and getting ready to plant their crops for this season. This is prime time for buying seeds and planting them to take advantage of short growing season. There are many great reasons for growing plants and vegetables from seeds. We caught up with the Seed Keeper Company on a recent Green Industry Leaders Network, #plantchat podcast everything you need to know. They share their passion and enthusiasm about the proper techniques to seed selection, storage and saving seeds to grow next season.

It Starts with Selection

If you are in the garden industry, you've likely met Carol Niec and Kerrie Rosenthal, owners of The Seed Keeper Company, an online resource and nifty product for storing and saving your seeds each season. SPOILER ALERT: We have one to giveaway to a lucky blog reader so stay tuned for your chance to win! They are both a wealth of information about the benefits of growing from seed, which can yield healthier plants and varieties you won't find at your local garden center.

Carol and Kerrie explain what you need to know about seed selection before you purchase. Deciding what food your family enjoys most influences what you plant. Planting at the right time of year depending on where you live. Most gardeners know their climate Hardiness Zone but the knowing your growing season based on your last spring and first fall Frost Dates is going to determine when you sow your seeds. And of course, some basics of knowing your soil type, light requirements do different seeds need?

Knowing the Seed LingoGILN Social Media Icon

Carol and Kerrie also explore an in-depth look at terms such as annual/perennial/biennial, organic, heirloom, native hybrid, GM
O and open-pollinated. Since seed packets are a source of abundant information, they recommend you choose reputable brands. Find out which ones they like best.

Storing and Saving Your Seeds 

Discover how to save your own seeds! Follow their “good and dry” guidelines, and keep your seeds in a cool (40F), dark and dry place in their Seed Keeper Deluxe organizer, inside paper or glassine packets and add silica desiccants. Did we mention we're giving one away??? 

Teaching the Importance of Seeds in Schools

Finally, as a way to give back to the community, Carol and Kerrie started the Seed Keeper Project and work with 51 school gardens each year, selected from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The Month of January is the time to nominate schools from your state, on their Facebook Page.  Corona Cares has participated in their Seed Keeper Project for nine years, and this year is donating three Corona Cares tool grants valued at $1,000 to each of three winning schools.

Win a Seed Keeper Deluxe

seedkeeper on Corona toolsAre you saving seeds? Please tell us in the comments below, and be entered to win a Seed Keeper Deluxe. Tell us how you currently organize leftover and saved seeds and why you would benefit from this handy organizer. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on January 31, 2019. Open to all US addresses and good luck!


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Start the Garden Season at a Seed Swap

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Wed, Jan, 11, 2017 @ 18:01 PM

Winter may not seem to be the ideal time for most people to think about their gardens. However this time of year, savvy gardeners are busy planning and preparing for the upcoming growing season. Including attending a local seed swap for seeds during National Seed Swap Day on 1/28/17.

There is more than seeds at a seed swap event. You'll find educational session from expert gardeners and horticulturists who share great tips and ideas for confident gardening. If you want to learn more about attending one in your area, join us for our first live streaming #plantchat on 1/16.  We'll have a live Q&A with Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine

Win Corona Tools and SeedKeeper Deluxe

IMG_5303.jpgA great way to learn how to grow is through asking questions. Just take a look at the topic highlights in the Discussion Overview below and submit  your question at the end of this post in the comments. Want to know how to find a seed exchange in your zone? Or maybe how do you start your own local seed swap?  You can also ask your question during the chat.

We'll pick the best question  to win an  amazing seed starting and saving package from Corona Tools.  It features Corona's ComfortGEL® garden hand tools (trowel, transplanter, extra large scoop), curved snips for thinning seedlings and  our printed guide, Principles of Planting.  You'll also need a great way to store seeds throughout the year,  which is made easy with a SeedKeeper Deluxe kit. The combined set is shipped from Corona follwoing the live event. ($85 value) .

Discussion Overview  

Share your thoughts and takeaway great information  including:

  • What is National Seed Swap Day - Hear how it got started and grown.
  • How to Find Good Seeds – learn how and where to get good quality seeds that you can grow with confidence.
  • Tips for Seed Starting and Saving – discover methods to help grow seeds and properly save them.
  • Truths and Myths About Seeds – from organic vs. non-organic  to  GMOs, here's what you should know about seeds.
  • Find Your Local Seed Swap – tips for finding your local seed swap.

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