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PLANET-Feb182015What is National Lawn Care Month? This year Professional Landcare Network, (PLANET) is partnering with Turfgrass Producers International (TPI)  and The Lawn Institute to promote National Lawn Care Month. April is targeted for the maximum consumer interest, and a webpage features consumer education, facts, resources, an infographic, photos, and a logo to support professional organizations in their lawn care outreach. Learn about National Lawn Care Month and how PLANET and partners can help you with your client education program on Wednesday on Twitter for #Landscapechat.

You're Invited to Chat

Join Corona Tools and PLANET's Marketing and Communications Manager Maureen Acquino who will be tweeting as @PLANET2005 on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 2pm ET.  This is the Twitter chat where we come together with green industry experts and fellow landscape tweeps, each week to discuss all things related to landscape, since 2011.

Discussion Key Points: 

 April is National Lawn Care Month and PLANET has created a toolkit with infographics, photos, facts, blogs and press release material to help professionals in the industry promote NLCM to their clients. #lawncaremonth. We teamed with TPI/Lawn Care Institute to promote facts and research about the health benefits of grass. We’ll be sharing lots of facts and stats about the science of grass.

Facts and Figures   According to the Lawn Institute, it is estimated that a 50 by 50 foot lawn (2,500 square feet), releases enough oxygen for a family of four, while absorbing carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and perosyacetyle nitrate. According to NASA, one person consumes 0.84 kg of oxygen each day. This means that one square foot of grass will produce approximately half a kilogram of oxygen a day. 

R and R - Research has found that people find stress relief and healing when interacting with nature or even when just viewing nature on a computer screen or through a window. (Nature

Website Support PLANET’s consumer site,, has a web page dedicated to National Lawn Care Month which will share facts, statistics, and lawn care tips with homeowners.

Benefits Turfgrass, like that found in our lawns, is much cooler than asphalt or cement.  It acts as an “air conditioner” for the surrounding area (lawns can be 22 degrees cooler than urban asphalt "heat islands").

Join the Conversation

Corona Tools LandscapechatDon’t miss out on this exciting topic and join the conversation via Twitter. Just sign into #landscapechat with your Twitter ID and you can follow the conversation and share with the community. Be sure to add the hashtag to all your tweets or join us in the landscapechat room on Tweetchat.  They will automatically add it for you and it's easy to watch the conversation as it happens!

If you do miss the live event, you can still access the Storify recap, accessible 24/7 that will be posted following the live chat. The transcript includes all the information and links shared during the discussion. 

About Landscapechat

Connect and share with the green industry leaders live on Twitter and 24/7 to learn and share about hot topics in the green industry. Now landscapechat is part of the Green Industry Leaders Network (GILN) presented by Corona and its partners.  We are an alliance of professional organizations who are advancing the horticulture, tree care, and landscaping industries. 

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