Email Marketing for Tree Care & Landscape Pros on #treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Mon, May, 20, 2013 @ 19:05 PM

corona tools newsletterToo often you hear people say email is so out dated. People don’t email or call these days…they communicate via text or on Facebook. So why waste time on boring old email? Well…in short, it’s where the money is! If you think email marketing is dead, then you can’t miss #SocialTuesday live on #treechat!

The live chat begins 5/21/13 at 11AM PST via Twitter with Corona as this week's host and moderator. Join @Coronatools and other industry experts each week discussing all things related to trees and tree care since 2010!

Key Topic Takeaways

  • Email is your golden ticket – a discussion on why email marketing is vital for businesses and organizations
  • Developing Your Strategy – understanding your goals, scheduling your content and setting your expectations
  • Getting Started – building and managing your email database to grow with your business and delivering targeted email campaigns your readers want
  • registerAchieving Email Nirvana – open rates are great but the call-to- action is what keeps your pocket lined with green
  • Email Formatting – email is never one size fits all, more readers are seeing your emails on mobile device and presentation matters

Email marketing is by far the single most important tool in your marketing tool shed so come join in the conversation on this great topic. Whether you are; a business owner, contractor, committee organizer, or community leader, email should have a place in your marketing strategy.

Don’t miss this special #SocialTuesday chat! If you can’t make the live chat you’ll find a recap of all the links and shares on Corona Tools Storify!  NOTE:  Storify did not register the final 25 mins of this chat...!  Here is a link to the complete chat from Twitter 

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Treechat Roundtable 4/23/13 - Tree Stories in the News

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Mon, Apr, 22, 2013 @ 18:04 PM
This week is the 1st treechat roundtable where we discuss tree related topic in the news. These discussions take place the 4th Tuesday of each month with the goal of informing, sharing and discussing events that shape our landscapes and gardens related to trees and how these events affects each of us.

milanbuilding5The live chat begins 4/23/13 at 11AM via Twitter with Corona as this week's host and moderator. Join @Coronatools and other industry experts each week at 11AM PST via Twitter for #treechat. Discussing all things related to trees and tree care since 2010!

This month’s news articles include;

Vertical Forests – discussing the building project in Milan for buildings that become forest sky scrapers.

17 Year Cicadas – a look at what to expect, protecting your trees and recipes to put them to good use.

cicadas12n 6 webJoshua Trees in Bloom Across the Southwest – an impressive phenomena that leaves scientists baffled.

Tree PestsEmerald Ash Borer, Gypsy Moths and others could are making their way to a tree near you and what’s being done to help.

Bees and Almonds – Fewer bees in California means higher prices on almonds and other goods.

Other Articles – Family sues USFS for $1M for a fallen tree, man shoots at a tree and tree fires back, 12 year olds letter saves an entire forest.

There’s always interesting things happening in the news regarding trees from technical, to ethical, to the downright bizarre or humorous tree related stories. Come share with us on these roundtable discussions and tell us what you think.

If you come across an interesting story that you would like to share on the next discussion, email the link to and we’ll add it to the discussion. If you can’t make the live chat you’ll find a recap of links and shares on Corona Tools Storify!

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4-1-1 on Conifers for Your Landscape on #treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Sat, Jan, 26, 2013 @ 13:01 PM

corona tools coniferConifers are some of the most interesting trees and shrubs in gardens and landscapes. With such a wide assortment of colors, textures, sizes and shapes it can be challenging to find the one that works best for your landscape. Coming up on this week's #treechat, we're discussing conifers with Ronald Elardo, co-author of "People and Plants: The Harper Collection of Dwarf and Rare Conifers"

The live chat begins at 1/29/13 at 11AM PST with this week's guest host, author Ron Elardo @Whadyacallit. Join @Coronatools and other industry experts each week at 11AM PST via Twitter for #treechat. Discussing all things related to trees and tree care since 2010!

Topic highlights covered during this week's chat includes;

Overview - Conifers in the botanical scheme of things
Selection - How to choose them for the landscape
Sizes and Classes - understanding a bit about conifer sizes & classes
Planting - When and where to plant
Shaping - Creating bonsai in the ground

Ron has lots of great tips and information in store so you won't want to miss it. You can also submit questions to him before the chat so he can cover it during the live session. Just post your question in the comments here or tweet it to @Whadyacallit by 1/28/13, 12N PST.

What if you miss the live session? You can access the #treechat Storify 24/7 that will be posted following the chat with all the information and links we discussed.

Come share with us on this great topic and discussion! See you on the chat!

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Growing Fruit Trees in Containers on #treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Thu, Jan, 17, 2013 @ 13:01 PM

container tree on What's better than a juicy, fresh picked orange? How about one picked from a tree in your own backyard? These days more people are enjoying better tasting fruit grown in their gardens and landscapes but what about those who are space challenged? On this week's #treechat, we're discussing how to grow fruit trees in containers.

The live chat begins at 1/22/13 at 11AM via Twitter with this week's guest host, @StarkBrosCares Sarah DePass of Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards. Join @Coronatools and other industry experts each week at 11AM PST via Twitter for #treechat. Discussing all things related to trees and tree care since 2010!

Topic highlights covered during this week's chat includes;

Getting Started - Choosing the right container, the right "place", and the right potting mixture

Care - Watering, Fertilizing including ideal types & frequencies for containers, Repotting to keep soil/roots healthy

Winterizing - Winter over your container trees, pruning trees for Spring

Sarah has lots of great tips and information in store so you won't want to miss it. You can also submit questions to Sarah before the chat so she can cover it during the live session. Just post your question in the comments here or tweet it to @StarkBrosCares by 1/21/13, 12N PST.

What if you miss the live session? You can access the #treechat Storify 24/7 that will be posted following the chat with all the information and links we discussed.

Here's to a prosperous fruit year!

Photo courtesty of Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards

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52 Reasons to Like Corona Tools in 2013

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Fri, Jan, 04, 2013 @ 11:01 AM

facebook likeIt’s a new year and a great time to start making plans for what's growing on in your gardens and landscapes this season. We recently closed out the 2012 holiday season with our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway which gave 12 lucky winners some great new tools for their upcoming planting and pruning tasks. We had a lot of fun, as did our friends on Facebook, and we thought it would be fun keep the season of giveaways going all year long.

52 Reasons to Like Corona Tools on Facebook

dual cut seriesThroughout the year, Corona will be posting weekly giveaways on our Facebook page.  The giveaway will be posted each Friday morning, where friends of Corona will have an opportunity to LIKE the giveaway and be entered to win. The winner will be selected the following Monday morning using and if selected, they will receive that week’s item.

3/15/13 UPDATE: Due to Facebook’s Terms of Service, Corona must comply and post our weekly giveaways within a Facebook app. Facebook mandates that all giveaways must be run via apps so in compliance, we’ve selected one that was recommended by top digital marketing experts as being a reputable app for running our giveaways.

We understand that some are weary of using apps however the goal is to make it easy for people to enter and be notified of they’ve won. There are pluses and minuses to running promotions on these apps however we need to be compliant or run the risk our account and page being shut down.

We apologize for the change and any inconveniences the new format posses to our friends. And our goal is to get more Corona tools into the hands of avid gardeners. We appreciate the connections made with our friends and we’ll keep working at this to make the best possible experience for each of them. In the meantime, I invite you to give us your feedback and suggestions so that we can continue to make our weekly giveaways fun and as trouble-free as possible.

What’s to Like in 2013

Each week, our friends will get a chance to win Corona tools or tool sets, official Corona gear, shopping sprees on, or Corona-selected partner items. There’s something different every week and all you need to do to win is give it a LIKE. Winning great gardening and landscape tools doesn’t get much easier than that!

How to Participate

1. LIKE Corona Tools on Facebook.
2. Enter the weekly giveaway posted each Friday at 10AM PST on the "Weekly Giveaways" tab.
3. You will have the weekend to enter the giveaway for a chance to win it.
4. At 9:59AM PST, on the following Monday, (Tuesday if a holiday weekend) we’ll randomly select the winner from those who've entered via Random.Org.

Enter the Giveaway

The Rules:

1. Giveaways are shipped to residents in the continental US, AK and HI.
2. Winners will be notified via email and posted on Facebook so be sure to check back on Monday to see if you’ve won.
3. You’ll have 72 hours to claim the prize by contacting us with your shipping information via Facebook.
4. If any prize goes unclaimed, a new winner will be randomly selected and posted on Facebook.
5. All fans of Corona Tools Facebook in the US may LIKE each weekly giveaway and can win a maximum of three (3) prizes throughout the giveaway.
6. Giveaways run through 12/27/13 and all prizes will be shipped standard ground service.
7. 52 weekly prizes will be awarded in 2013, giveaway schedule may vary periodically and any updates will be posted on Facebook.

Have fun and here's to a great growing season this year!

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways at Corona Tools

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Wed, Dec, 12, 2012 @ 07:12 AM

describe the image


describe the image


Tis' the season to be jolly and do a little gift giving too! This year Corona is playing Santa to 12 of our lucky Facebook fans and giving out some awesome gifts for their gardens and landscapes.  Beginning 12/12/12 through 12/23/12, visit Corona Tools on Facebook to see what the daily gift is announced in the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!  Each day we will post a picture of the day’s giveaway on our page, which in total will be worth over $750 in giveaways!  To be entered to win, all you need to do is LIKE the Corona Tools page and LIKE the gift of the day.

At 10AM PST each day, we will take all the likes on that gift and generate an instant winner using  Since this is a giveaway for people who like Corona Tools on Facebook, don’t forget to like the page then like the gift of the day.  Remember you need to do both since SOMEONE WILL WIN EVERYDAY, so why shouldn’t it be you?  It doesn’t get much easier than that…! 

How to enter Corona's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway:

  • LIKE Corona Tools on Facebook.
  • LIKE the daily giveaway that’s posted at 10AM PST (you can leave a comment too but it’s the LIKE that get’s counted)
  • You will have 24 hours to LIKE each day’s gift (until 9:59AM PST the following day) if you want the chance to win it.
  • At 10AM PST, we’ll randomly select the winner from all the LIKES on the daily gift and announce the winner.
Enter the Giveaway


LikeUsOnFacebook Icon 








describe the image

The Rules:

  • Gifts can be shipped to residents in the continental US only.
  • Winners will be posted on Facebook so be sure check back daily to see if you’ve won.  You’ll have 24 hours to contact us with your name and contact info to receive your gift.
  • If we don’t hear back from the winner within the specified time, we’ll select a new winner.
  • All eligible fans may LIKE each daily gift and can win a maximum of three (3) gifts throughout the giveaway.
  • Giveaways run from 12/12/12 through 12/23/12 and all gifts will be shipped standard ground shipping

That’s it…! Simple, fun and so many great gifts to be had in the season of giving! Good luck to all and to all a great garden, season after season.

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When Tree Care Goes Wrong

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Thu, May, 17, 2012 @ 19:05 PM

Crimes Against Treemanity

corona treechatYou know you’ve seen it…a thriving healthy tree one day, then a trunk with no branches the next.  Or that tree that someone planted year ago, whose owner forgot, IT WILL GROW…!  Sometimes it’s poor planning, poor maintenance, limited knowledge of what trees need, and in some cases, a blatant disregard for a tree's health.  What we’re talking about are crimes against treemanity!

This week on #treechat, we discussed and had a photo share about some of the awful things homeowners and some landscape “professionals” do to trees.  Many homeowners think a tree just gets planted and their done.  While the un-professional contractor, who knows little about tree care, takes out their chainsaw and just starts butchering trees.

Our goal is to bring awareness to the many crimes against treemanity we see throughout our neighborhoods and cities and to help others learn what they can to prevent these mistakes in their landscapes.  Our arborist community, who participates weekly on #treechat, shared some great tips on how to help prevent these horrible crimes against nature;

corona treechatRemove bracing cables and poles – after the first 2-3 years a tree is established and no longer needs the added support.

Plan before you plant – when planting your trees, think about the space and will it accommodate your tree when mature.  Is it next to the house or will it grow into the electrical lines…?

Resist volcano mulching – more is not always better, especially not piled up around the base of the trunk which can lead to diseases or tree loss.

Proper pruning – the operative word, PROPER!  It invigorates a tree's health, maintains it shape and balance between a trees canopies and roots.

And #1 takeaway...

Hire a certified arborist – not only do they care about a tree’s health but they will properly maintain it.  It’s easy to locate one from organizations such as TCIA, located in your area.  Just ask yourself, would you prefer a plumber or a physician to provide you with your personal health services?   You get the idea...

You can check out all the great tips and photo shares on our Storify “Crimes Against Treemanity

Corona Wants to Help

Corona is doing its part to help stamp out the bad things that happen to trees every day.  We’re giving one lucky treehugger a set of Corona tools Including a professional pair of loppers, hand pruners, and folding saw valued at approx $150 the most shared photo.

Throughout the month of May (5/31), you can share your Crimes Against Treemanity pictures on any of the #treechat networks;

On Twitter: mention @Coronatools & use the #treechat, post your photo on our Facebook or Google+ page, or pin it on the Crimes Against Treemanity photo board on Pinterest!

Share your post and picture with family and friends and let people know why it’s a “crime” and we'll award the Corona pruning tools to the share that generates the most buzz and awareness.  We’ll announce the winner on 6/1/2012 and along the way, create greater awareness so others will take the time and provide proper care to their trees!

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A Father’s Garden Legacy

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Sun, Jun, 20, 2010 @ 11:06 AM

Bg garden toolsDuring last week’s #gardenchat on Twitter, Bren, a.k.a @BG_garden had tweeted a comment to Corona Tools that helped inspire this post. She indicated that her father passed away 10 years ago but that she has his hoe and still uses it in his garden which makes her feel like he is always in the garden with her. I tweeted back to Bren that ironically I was working on a post about that very subject.

Corona orange sackTwo weeks ago while in the office, I was speaking to Corona’s resident historian, Doug Barrie, who had mentioned that his father’s tools had been passed down to him and he had no idea his father owned Corona tools. And in a recent meeting with Annie Haven, a.k.a @GreenSoil, she shared with me that she still has her father’s Corona tools he used in their orange groves in Southern California back in the day. So it seemed fitting to recognize on Father’s day, the garden legacy each of us are instilling in our children and grandchildren.

corona tools fdFather’s Day is one day out of the year were we take time to show our fathers how much we appreciate them. For some of us though, Father’s Day is a day to reflect on the legacy they’ve left behind. Such as their passion for gardening they instilled in us. My passion for gardening stems from growing up just outside Portland, OR, where each year my parents planted a vegetable garden. It was a tradition they got from their parents growing up in Pittsburgh, PA. To this day, growing fresh tomatoes and eating them off the vine takes me back to my childhood, both in my parent’s garden as well as my grandparent’s.

While our fathers and grandfathers may no longer be here, or the vegetables and plants they grew, many of the garden tools they used to tend to their gardens live on in ours. I wish I had my parent’s garden tools that I could pass on to my kids however when my parents moved from Portland to Orange County, CA, they left the tools behind as their concrete “patio” was no longer conducive to gardening.

So as a father of two young kids, I hope to carry on the tradition of teaching the joy and benefits of growing their own food. My kids are now old enough to appreciate gardening and I feel fortunate to have some space to plant. They love using Dad’s Corona tools and since Corona’s are built to last a lifetime, I have no doubt my kids will be handing them down to our grandchildren to use in their gardens. On behalf of Corona Tools, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who teach and pass along the tradition of gardening to the next generation of gardeners.

Vintage photo circa 1940 Papap, Grandma and Dad 

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