Demystifying Hydrangeas with Proven Winners

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Fri, Nov, 02, 2018 @ 18:11 PM
an introduction to the many types of hydrangeas

GILN Social Media Icon-1Did you know that hydrangeas are the most Googled shrub and flower on the planet? They are a favorite for many gardeners, yet often times they confuse one for another. Different types of hydrangea produce different types of flowers, can thrive in different zones, and have different requirements when it comes to pruning. We caught up with Stacey Hirvela, of the #1 plant brand, Proven Winners and she helps shed some light on this amazing shrub.

The 6 Types of Hydrangeas

If you’ve ever had a hydrangea shrub that hasn’t bloomed or wasn’t the mop-head burst of color you had expected, chances are, it’s related to the type you have. Whether you pruned it back when you shouldn’t have, or put the wrong one in the wrong spot, it can lead to disappointment for any gardener. The folks at Proven Winners joined us for a podcast to help make sense of all the types. 

Hydrangea PodcastKey discussion points include;

  • What makes these hydrangeas similar?
  • What makes them different?
  • Define what it means to bloom on old wood and bloom on new wood.
  • Explain how this affects pruning your hydrangea.
  • Describe how to prune the types of hydrangeas.
  • Why reblooming hydrangeas bloom on old and new wood – what does this mean for gardeners and for pruning?

Since there is so much information about hydrangeas to cover in one podcast, this episode is part 1 of 2. Download this and listen on a walk or out in the garden. Proven Winners also has this free handy guide, Demystifying Hydrangeas so you don't have to take notes. And if you have questions, join us live via Twitter.

Listen  Now, Chat Later

Since 2014,  Corona along with its industry partners, American Horticultural Society and Proven Winners, has been hosting plant-related topics via Twitter.  The new podcast gives chat participants an opportunity to hear the chat take place,  then  connect live with the host and guests. It's an opportunity to ask questions about the podcast, the general topic discussed or get more information on something that was shared. 

Chat Live and Win!

The live discussion takes place on 11/6/18 at 2PM ET. To join the discussion, log on to Twitter and search for #plantchat. If you are using Twitter, be sure to select "Latest" at the top to see the latest tweets. We'll also have plantchat prizes for those who listen to the podcast and can answer questions from it during the tweetup, including Corona tools! So listen to the podcast while you garden or commuting to the office then join us for the live chat!  And please share the good news on your favorite social networks too!


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