Gardening Tidings of ComfortGEL® and Joy from Corona® Tools

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Mon, Nov, 25, 2013 @ 13:11 PM

ComfortGEL_family_CoronaPreparing for the holidays? Relax with ComfortGEL® tools from Corona® and create those topiaries, natural wreaths, floral designs and tree trimming the easy way. Season after season, garden and landscape maintenance is a breeze with soft, ergonomic, comfortable ComfortGEL® grips. On this year’s holiday wish list there are six tools from Corona® that keep garden and holiday décor projects down to size. And just in time for the holidays, Corona is offering some special discounts on ComfortGEL®, helping gardeners save time and money.

Corona Makes it Easy to Spread Holiday Joy

Gifting your gardener with ComfortGEL® Tools from Corona® takes the “chore” out of home gardening and holiday preparations. Specially coated, non-stick blades help to maintain maximum sharpness through numerous cuts. ComfortGEL® soft, ergonomically-shaped grips provide maximum comfort, fit and control, while the integrated Shock-Guard® bumpers on selected models, reduce strain and hand fatigue. and the volute spring resists dirt build up and clogging. ComfortGEL® tools with longer handles are equipped with extra strength, ergonomically advantageous trapezoidal steel handles that fit snugly in the hand. Easy open locks accommodate both right and left-handed users.

Six Tools in the ComfortGEL® Series

The indispensable ComfortGEL®  Bypass Pruner (BP 3214, $16) are perfect for keeping woody ornamentals in line and are useful a thousand times every gardening day. Trim evergreens for making holiday wreaths, swags and bunting. Clip stray branches out of the way of windows, doors or walkways. Prune dormant ornamentals and eliminate crossing and rubbing branches with ease.

To ensure your hand pruners always within reach, add Corona’s universally designed nylon scabbard (AC 4510, $10) that makes the ComfortGEL® Bypass Pruners easy to carry using the metal clip or belt loops. It’s made of durable Cordura nylon construction and is the perfect fit for hand pruners and folding pruning saws. On the scabbard front is a storage pocket for the accessory sharpening tool (AC 8300, $10) to keep pruner blades sharp in the field. Together, this $36 bypass pruner, scabbard and sharpener set make a memorable stocking stuffer.

The ComfortGEL® Hedge Shear (HS 3244, $29) is ideal for smoothly sculpting rosemary or ivy topiary cones and spirals, or hedges in the landscape and traditional holiday decor. The 9 inch non-stick blades maintain maximum sharpness, and cutting performance is enhanced with a 3/8 inch limb notch.

The long-reach 25 inch ComfortGEL® Bypass Loppers (SL 3264, $28) make short work of larger branches. The Dual Arc blade design provides a 1-1/2 inch diameter capacity that easily eliminates rangy Christmas tree branches or protruding limbs. These loppers will also come in handy during winter months to remove damaged tree limbs caused by excess snow, ice and heavy winds.

On every floral designer and herb gardener’s wish list, the ComfortGEL® Snips (FS 3204, $16) are simply the best choice for herbs and floral design. Lightweight construction combined with the integrated thorn stripper and floral wire cutter make a great all-in-one tool for the artistic gardener.

Sticky tree sap easily wipes off the non-stick, specially coated blades for maximum cutting performance. Then use them to cut some fresh herbs for your holidays meals making this one of the handiest tools in your shed all year long. Corona’s ComfortGEL® Snips are member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club, an independent third-party group.

ComfortGEL™ Anvil Pruner (AP 3234, $17) has a 3/4 inch diameter branch capacity, and like all of the hand tools in this series accommodates right- and left-handed users, and designed for pruning dry and woody growth. The sharp blade comes down on the anvil and readily cuts extra hard wood of dead branches or rose canes.


Finally, the ComfortGEL® Veggie & Fruit Shear (BP 3224, $16) is great for harvesting cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuces as well as quickly harvesting fruits off trees, bushes and vines.  A quick wipe of the specially coated, non-stick blades with a rubbing alcohol wipe also helps prevent spreading diseases to other plants during harvest.


Your Gardener’s Gift List

What does YOUR gardener dream of? The holiday season is now, and ComfortGEL® tools from Corona are all about comfort and decreasing wear-and-tear on the gardener.  Order these very special comfort-minded tools at CoronaToolsUSA for yourself, or delight your special gardener this holiday season with ComfortGEL® gifts that physically demonstrate your thoughtful caring in a tangible way.

Right now, through the holidays, all ComfortGEL pruning tools are 20% off when ordering on and using COMFORTJOY code before check out.  And for ComfortGEL orders $75 or more, receive free ground shipping using code CGFREESHIP.  Free shipping applies only to ComfortGEL tools.  Orders on items other than ComfortGEL will be subject to standard shipping rates.

Which ComfortGEL is right for you? With six great tools designed for specialized garden and craft tasks, Corona has the right tool for the job.  Check out the ComfortGEL video to see them in action and tell us in the comments which one is your favorite!

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Mom's Top 5 Corona Garden Tools

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Wed, May, 08, 2013 @ 10:05 AM

Spring may have begun in March but as part of the country has started to see temperatures pushing triple digits, in other areas there’s still snow on the ground. Regardless of strange weather patterns, Mother’s Day is one Spring event that comes to moms across the country. A day to honor all the moms out there (not that we shouldn't everyday!) for the hard work they do throughout the year.

To honor all the garden moms on Mother’s Day (and everyday…!) we wanted to put together a list of her top 5 favorite tools as shared with us by our many Facebook friends and Twitter followers of Corona Tools. With over 600 tools in our catalog, we’re bound to have missed a few fan favorites… based on what we hear from gardeners like you, we know this list will help ensure Mom has a great day in her garden on Mother’s day, and every day, season after season.

Geri with Corona Lopper

Dual Cut™ Pruning Series – Mom’s love the Dual Cut’s patented blade and hook design and the 20% extra cutting power that makes the cuts with less effort when trimming shrubs, trees, roses and thicker, woodier stems. They are forged steel and built to last.

Razor Tooth Saw – Mom’s tell us this saw helps to empower them to tackle the larger pruning jobs in the garden. Thicker limbs and roses that are 1-3” can take quite a bit of upper body strength to make a cut with a lopper. And rather than calling for help, the Razor Tooth makes quick work out of the task with its special saw tooth-pattern design to make faster cuts with less effort.
bggarden picComfortGEL® Pruning Series – Mom’s can’t seem to get enough of these pruning tools that are not only comfortable in their hands, these tools limit the amount of shock to the hands or upper body. That means she can do the activities she enjoys with all the gain and without the pain to hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.
2-Handed Pruner – Somewhere right in between smaller green steams and tougher, woodier limbs hand pruners can be too big and loppers are back in the tool shed. One tool offers them the best of both worlds, the 2 – Handed Pruner. A pruning blade that makes cuts up to ¾’ in diameter combined with lopper-like handles for added leverage on larger cuts.
eGrip Garden Hand Tools – Mom’s like the ergonomic shape of these garden tools that help with planting, weeding, digging and cultivating soil. With handy features like built in bag rippers and depth markers, these are some of the handiest hand tools in the garden.

WellnessThere you have it, a short list among the many of garden tool favorites for many of our favorite garden moms. And while we couldn't mention all of them, we couldn’t leave it off the Extendable Handle garden tools as we hear from many who love them. They are perfect for using in raised beds and other smaller planter areas due to their solid designed handles that extend from 18” to 32” and perfect moms of all ages.

Did your favorite tool make the list? Share with us in the comments below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Geri Laufer and Dual Cut Lopper from "How I Roll"
ComforGEL snips courtesy of Brenda Haas
Residents of Wellness by Nature's Design a Corona Cares partner

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7 Great Garden Tools Dad Will Love

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Fri, Jun, 08, 2012 @ 15:06 PM

For the dads who have everything to the dads that need of everything, we've put together a list of some great Corona tools that any dad who's into gardening, landscaping or the great outdoors would love !  Having the right tool for the job is the key to success and here are a few Corona favorites that are sure to be a hit!

Corona RazorTooth SawFolding RazorTooth Saw (RS 7245)
- Compact and lightweight construction, this folding saw is super sharp to make cutting larger limbs and branches easy.  Great for seasonal pruning or out on the hiking trails and has a replaceable blade to last him season after season.  National Home Gardening Club's members tested it and gave it one of their highest recommended ratings.  Available on for under $26.

Corona Folding QuickSaw QS 7800Folding QuickSaw (QS 7800) - The name says it all...this folding saw is the one professionals rely on that cuts 20% faster than other saws in its class.  Its patent-pending tooth pattern helps keep the cut channel free of sawdust, resulting in a faster cut.  It's the ideal choice for the Dad who wants to power through his outdoor tasks and get on with his day.  Available on for under $40.

Corona Dual Cut LopperDual Cut Loppers (SL 7180) - Give Dad a little help in the yard this season with the forged steel Dual Cut Lopper.  Its patented blade and hook design will have him cutting through branches up to 2 inches thick with with the greatest of ease.  What's the secret?  The notched hook helps hold the branch in place while the angled blade bites down and pushes it back towards the pivot point.  That's the point where you get maximum cutting power and makes Dad feel like a superhero in his yard.  Available on for under $60.
Corona Dual Cut Hedge ShearsDual Cut Hedge Shear (HS 7140) - Does Dad have an unruly shrub that's always out of control or those perfectly manicured boxwood hedges or topiaries?  Then a good pair of hedge shears is just what he needs to keep them looking great all season long.  Environmentally friendly, these forged shears are insanely sharp to give him those nice clean lines, with contoured grips and cushioned bumpers for added comfort, he may just keep working all day long!  Available on for under $60.

Corona irrigation prunerLandscape & Irrigation Bypass Pruners (BP 3670) - Many dads take pride in doing all the work in their yards. From pruning bushes to maintaining sprinklers, here's one tool that will help save him trips back to the tool shed.  This pruner with its forged steel construction and ergonomic handles are great for cutting branches up to 1 inch in diameter.  And the unique built in screwdriver tip at the end of the hook lets him adjust the sprinklers all with the same tool. The available replacement blade and service parts means he'll be using this one season after season!  Available on for under $35.   

Corona Tool SharpenerCorona Sharpener (AC 8300) - It may be small in stature but it can be one of Dad's biggest helpers in the garden and landscape.  This little carbide file is great for keeping pruning tool blades sharp for maximum cutting performance.  It also works wonders on tools like shovels and hoes to help penetrate the soil more easily.  And an extra file for the kitchen helps keep knives and scissors sharp too!  Available on for $10.

Corona Tools App QR codeCorona App FREE! - Want a great idea for Dad to use when he's not out in the yard?  Why not check out the Corona Tools Garden App for iPhones, iPads, iTouch and Android devices?  It's loaded with seasonal tips, tool info, how-tos and instructional videos he can install for 24/7 access.  It's like having a professional gardener and landscape maintenance contractor right at his finger tips.  Scan this code with your device now and get the Corona Tools Garden App in iTunes and Android Market!  The best part is, it's FREE!

Those are few of our favorite Corona tools but there are so many more to choose from!  What's your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below.

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