Creating Gardens and Landscapes to Support Wildlife

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Sat, May, 12, 2018 @ 15:05 PM
David Mizejewski Shares with American Horticultural Society on Plantchat Podcast

IMG_6716Corona presents the first Green Industry Leaders Network, #plantchat podcast, featuring National Wildlife Federation's, David Mizejewski.  The Garden for Wildlife™ movement, started 45 years ago to help gardeners plant with purpose. By supporting wildlife in gardens and landscapes, the movement is an effort to double the abundance of butterflies, birds and other  essential pollinators. On this episode, Beth Tuttle, president and CEO of American Horticultural Society, a founding partner of #plantchat, interviewed David to learn more about this fantastic program.

DavidMizejewski_smGarden for Wildlife

Our gardens and landscapes play an important role in supporting Earth's pollinators.  The types of trees, shrubs and plants you grow can create an ecosystem that helps sustain them. Providing the things they need to survive; water, food, shelter, and a place to raise their young. In this inaugural plantchat podcast, David talks about the Garden for Wildlife program and how each of us can get involved. Key discussion points include;

  • How and why did the National Wildlife Federation start the effort all those years ago?
  • What do plants and gardening have to do with wildlife? Most people don't want wildlife in their garden, right?
  • What do people need to do to create a wildlife habitat garden?
  • Why are native plants so important for wildlife?
  • What's a Certified Wildlife Habitat?  Why should people certify their yards and gardens?
  • Why are pollinators declining and how can gardens help?

Listen  Now, Chat Later

Since 2014,  Corona along with its industry partners, American Horticultural Society and Proven Winners, has been hosting plant-related topics via Twitter.  The new podcast gives chat participants an opportunity to hear the chat take place,  then  connect live with the host and guests. It's an opportunity to ask questions about the podcast, the general topic discussed or get more information on something that was shared. 

Chat Live via Twitter

The live discussion takes place on 5/29/18 at 2PM ET. To join the discussion, log on to Twitter and search for #plantchat. If you are using Twitter, be sure to select "Latest" at the top to see the latest tweets. We'll also have plantchat prizes for those who listen to the podcast and can answer questions from it during the tweetup, including Corona tools! So listen to the podcast while you garden or commuting to the office then join us for the live chat!  And please share the good news on your favorite social networks too!


Be sure to connect with our host and guest on all their websites and social media networks.

American Horticultural Society - visit their website and connect on Twitter and Facebook

David Mizejewski for the National Wildlife Federation - visit his website to for upcoming appearances, books and connect with him on social networks.

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