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How to Maintain the Land for Your Tiny House

Posted by Molli McGee on Thu, Nov, 15, 2018 @ 12:11 PM
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tinyhouse on Corona Tools blogLiving in a tiny home, or any home for that matter, involves more than just the structure itself. It’s also important to consider the land the home sits on. For those of you who haven’t heard of tiny houses, they are typically no more than 500 square feet and can be built on a trailer or foundations (something that can play an important role in your landscaping). Let’s take a look at some aspects of maintaining the land for your tiny home that you’ll need to consider; as well as tools you might want to have on hand to do the job right! (image Source - Unsplash )


Corona_Tools_RazorTOOTH_SawDeciding how best to access your tiny home is an important, and often left-too-late part of the process. Particularly in the case of a tiny house on wheels, having enough space cleared to drive your home in and out on a trailer is a must. The clearing process will likely include pruning back trees and bushes that could obstruct the path of your tiny home.

A great tool you’ll want in your arsenal is the RazorTOOTH Saw to help cut down any overgrown branches. Another key reason to prune trees around your tiny home is to encourage the health of the trees themselves. If you’re interested in keeping your tiny house more private, keeping those trees trimmed of dead branches is important.

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Underground Connections

Laying pipes is another crucial aspect of tiny living for any tiny homeowner who plans to have more permanent amenities. While you could pay someone to do the work for you, you sure can’t beat the sense of accomplishment that comes with putting in the work yourself. Here’s where owning the right shovel comes into play. The right shovel can mean the difference between a great job or a passable one. Since tiny living is all about quality over quantity, we chose the Trench Digging Shovel for all of our trench-digging needs.

ComfortGEL cultivator on Corona ToolsGardening 

For many tiny homeowners, self-sufficient and sustainable ways of living are extremely important. Whether you’re interested in a flower garden or a crop of vegetables, owning the right tools can make it an enjoyable process. Before planting seeds, it’s important to prime the soil to ensure the success of the crop. Corona's lightweight Cultivator will help you get your earth prepped for all the veggies and flowers you could ever want. All you need now is a green thumb.

The Takeaway

As mentioned previously, tiny living is about more than just the house itself--it’s also about the land you put it on. After you find a home for your tiny home, using the best tools on the market to help maintain that home is the next step. Ensuring that the land for your tiny house is properly prepared is an important part of owning a home that suits your needs.

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