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How Arizona Copes with Long-Term Drought

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Tue, May, 12, 2015 @ 11:05 AM

Jain-HaleyPaul-5-13-2015Jain Irrigation Systems LTD is the largest manufacturer of irrigation equipment in the world. Their corporate philosophy is " Leave this world better than you found it." Jain is joining with guest Haley Paul of the town of Gilbert, Arizona for the upcoming topic, "How Arizona Copes with Drought". 

Since the Colorado River Basin has been in drought for 15 years, drought is part of everyday life. Thirty-five years ago, Arizona passed the Groundwater Management Act, imposing water use regulations on all sectors of the population: from homeowners to municipal, agricultural and industrial. So now, Arizona is not seeing the type of restrictions that have appeared in California.

Since no one knows  how long this drought will last or how intense this drought will be, water efficiency and conservation must be a part of everyday life. 

Indoor conservation is increasing across the nation, due to improved technology, conservation messaging, and conscious consumers. However, outdoor irrigation must be addressed, particularly with consumers, next. 

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Discussion Overview

Haley Paul's Key Takeaways will emphasize the "Coping With Drought" mentality that exists in Arizona:  

  1. Dire Conditions - Arizona is in a 15 year long drought in the Colorado River Basin.
  2. Surviving Long-Term Drought - How Arizona has coped with and survived in spite of short supplies of water.
  3. Making Every Drop Count - Water efficiency and conservation needs to be part of everyday lives.
  4. Progress is Being Made - Improved technology in water conservation, public service announcements and conscious consumers is making a difference.
  5. We Can Do Better - Residents and businesses across the U.S. can save water by watching their outdoor water use in their landscape.
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