Corona® Introduces Burgon & Ball™ Garden Accessories

Recognized by Fine Gardening Magazine in the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

(Corona, CA) Corona announces the arrival of several highly sought-after garden accessories to its catalog from its sister company, Burgon & Ball™. Extremely durable, incredibly comfortable garden wear and accessories bring comfort, ease and increased enjoyment to gardening. This marks the next chapter of the brand collaborations bringing Burgon & Ball to the US, while they introduce fine Corona tools to the UK.

New Burgon & Ball Accessories Available from Corona®

Kneelo™ Knee Pads

Kneelo™ Knee Pads from Burgon & Ball [$32] offer the last word in comfort! At the heart of these knee pads is a core of lightweight shock-absorbing EVA foam, surrounded by luxurious twin layers of cushioning memory foam. The unique registered design, together with soft elastic material, offers the wearer unbelievable comfort in use. The cut out above the knee eliminates any digging-in at the back of the legs when kneeling, as well as uncomfortable pressure at the front when standing. The knee pads are water-resistant, too, with a durable neoprene shell with a quick-dry nylon coating. Sturdy hook-and-loop fastenings keep the knee pads securely in place, however active you are as you work. Keep a pair in the garden shed and inside for cleaning and maintenance jobs.

Kneelo Knee Pads on Corona Tools-1

Kneelo™ Kneeler

Kneelo™ Kneeler from Burgon & Ball [$32] utilize the same lightweight shock-absorbing EVA foam and luxurious twin layers of cushioning memory foam. Its larger size and thicker layers mean gardeners won’t feel rocks or other solid materials that can cause injury through the dense foam layers. It’s water-resistant, with a durable neoprene shell with a quick-dry nylon coating that is easy to brush clean. Available in a variety of color options, they also come in handy as an on-the-go cushion for stadium seats or seated in a garden bench.

Kneelo Kneeler


The Hip-Trug™ from Burgon & Ball [$32] is an ingenious booster for every gardener, like having an extra pair of hands! It’s a lightweight container in a flexible holster that simply clips to clothing, leaving both hands free for gardening jobs. Hip-Trug solves the common problem of overloaded hands when deadheading, harvesting, or simply puttering in the garden. No more trying to carry more produce or debris than your hands will comfortably hold, and no more bending down to a trug or basket on the ground. The soft neoprene band clips easily to pocket, belt or waistband, holding the container firmly in place, even when kneeling. When it’s full, simply slide the tough, food-safe and microwaveable container from its holster for easy emptying. Available in three select colors, Hip-Trug™ is a clever new idea to make gardening easier - the perfect hands-free wearable garden trug.

Hip-Trug on Corona Tools

Available Now and Shipping from Corona

The Kneelo and Hip Trug are essential accessories in finer garden centers in the US. They're available in case quantities along with a well-designed merchandising rack that is sure to catch the eye of garden center shoppers. Distributors, Dealers and Garden Centers interested in pricing information should contact their Corona sales representative or contact us online.

RETRO-hip-trug-stand on Corona Tools

Kneelo and Hip-Trug Featured in Fine Gardening Magazine

These garden accessories are not only functional, they also made Fine Gardening Magazine's ultimate, 2019 Holiday Gift Guide in the November / December issue. A favorite with UK gardeners for years, these two innovative products from Burgon & Ball™ make excellent gifts for garden and landscape professionals who do a lot of kneeling on the job. Each of these products are available to Fine Gardening readers for a limited time at a savings of 25% plus free shipping using FG25GIFTS on the Corona website

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