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Benefits of Community Forests and Tree Campus USA

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Tue, Jul, 08, 2014 @ 00:07 AM

Tree Campus USA on Corona Tools TreechatVisit any college town in the US and it's hard to miss the amount of pride the entire community has in its school and town. From team banners and flags adorning neighborhood homes to the tree-lined streets that bring a sense of charm and history to the community. Trees play an active roll on college campuses and in their surrounding community. Through programs like Arbor Day's, Tree Campus USA®, colleges and universities around the country are establishing and sustaining healthy community forests that benefit everyone in the community.

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Join @CoronaTools and #treechat co-partner, Coe Roberts, social media specialist at Arbor Day Foundation@ArborDay for this week's topic, replanting our national forests. The live chat begins Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST.  This the Twitter chat were we come together with industry experts and fellow tree tweeps each week to discuss all things related to trees and tree care, since 2010!

Discussion Overview

Tree Campus USA® Overview - Learn what the program is and who participates. 

The 5 Standards  - Discover what the 5 standards are that each college & university must do to participate in the program.

Program Benefits - Explore some of the many benefits of being a Tree Campus USA college or university

Success Stories Hear about some of the amazing things Tree Campus USA schools have done since the program began.

Get Involved - Understand what the process is to take part in Tree Campus USA in your own community

Join the Conversation

Corona Tools Treechat

Join us for this information-rich topic live on Twitter! Just sign in, search for #treechat and tweet using the hashtag. You're tweets will appear in the live tweet stream and you will be part of the conversation.

If you do miss the live chat, you can still access the complete Storify transcript, available 24/7 following the live chat.  It includes include all the information and links shared during the discussion.

This topic is as hot as the fires destroying our trees and so important for people to learn about what's being done to replant our national forests.  It will be an hour packed with information and insight on why we should all be concerned about restoring them. Come and join us!

About Treechat

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