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Podcasting for Tree Care and Green Industry on #treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Mon, Jul, 15, 2013 @ 20:07 PM

podcast iconOn this week’s #treechat we are gearing up for what looks like an exciting chat topic. We’re getting social this week for #SocialTuesday with an otherwise overlooked opportunity in digital media.  As a business owner or professional organization in tree care or green industry, it’s getting harder to get someone’s attention.  It’s like you’re trying to get your message out there and your audience is a moving target. They’re busy and constantly on the go.  There’s email and social networks to help amplify your voice but you have to hope they hear you. What if, your audience sought YOU out?  And wanted to listen to your message?

Podcasting is hardly a new form of digital media but this form of communication is still in its infancy!  It's set to take off as the most accessed communications tool in 2014.   We’ll be discussing podcasting with our guest host, Chris VanCleave aka @RedneckRosarian, moderator and host of #rosechat  and Rose Chat Radio on Blog Talk Radio Network.  The live chat begins 7/16/13 at 11AM PST via Twitter, where we come together with industry experts and fellow tree tweeps each week to discuss all things related to trees and tree care, since 2010!

Topic Discussion Overview

Some of the main discussion points that will be covered during the live chat include;

  • Podcasting 101 – learn some of basics for getting started and why you should
  • Tools of the Trade – understand what are the tools and resources you will need to create a successful podcast
  • Building Your Audience – if you make it doesn’t mean they will come…gain some insight into growing your subscriber’s list
  • Podcast Dos & Don’ts  - discover what works and what doesn’t before planning out your podcast
  • Win Podcast Help – ready to get started but not sure where to start?  Why not ask the expert during the chat?  Chris also offered to consult with the most active participant during the chat!

Participating on Treechat

PodcastWithHeadPhones 273x300If you’ve ever thought about doing podcasting and never knew where to start, this is a great opportunity to learn more from an expert!  Just follow the conversation over and tweet from our new Twubs #treechat. Come share with us on this great topic and look forward to sharing with you on the live chat! We hope you will join us for the live chat, however if you do miss it, you can still access on Corona Tools' Storify. It will be posted following the chat and includes all the information, links and resources shared during the discussion so you don't miss a thing!

Who knows, after sitting in on the chat you may be inspired to start your own podcast channel.  And start reaching your audience and customers virtually anywhere any where they go.  On the computer, on smart devices, or in their car…it’s like having YOU on demand 24/7! Do you have an opinion already about the topic? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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