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Cork Oak Trees on #treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Mon, Jul, 08, 2013 @ 20:07 PM

How many times have you been out for a nice dinner, ordered a bottle of wine, your sommelier brings it to your table, removes the cork and offers it to you to sniff for your selection approval…? It’s an important step in the “wining and dining experience” but do you ever put much thought into the cork itself? Where it comes from? How its cultivated or its many uses?

photo (5)Cork is an amazing organic product that comes from Cork Oak Trees. It has many uses and it’s our topic on this week’s #treechat. Join @CoronaTools and our guest host, @CristinaGardens, Cristina da Silva, of and #groundchat moderator. The live chat begins 7/9/13 at 11AM PST via Twitter, where we come together with industry experts and fellow tree tweeps each week to discuss all things related to trees and tree care, since 2010!

Topic Discussion Overview

Some of the main discussion points that will be covered during the live chat include;

Cork History – discover how this simple product has been used for thousands of years

Cork Tree Botany – learn about the characteristics of the Cork Oak Tree, climate and regions where they are grown

Cork Tree Ecosytem – understanding cork tree’s role in the ecosystem

Cork Harvesting – learn about how this sustainable product is harvested

Products, challenges facing cork trees and more!

Participating on Treechat

This is a great opportunity to learn more about this fascinating product and trees which have been used for generations! Just jump onto Twitter and search for #treechat. Come share with us on this great topic and look forward to sharing with you on the live chat!

We hope you will join us for the live chat, however if you do miss it, you can still access on Corona Tool's Storify. It will be posted following the chat and includes all the information, links and resources shared during the discussion so you don't miss a thing!

And who knows, after sitting in on the chat if someone ever tells you to stick a cork in it, you can share some wonderful and knowledgeable facts about corks!!! Do you have an opinion already about the topic? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Photo taken near Evora, Alentejo,  Portugal. April 2013 by Cristina da Silva


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