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Email Marketing for Tree Care & Landscape Pros on #treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Mon, May, 20, 2013 @ 19:05 PM

corona tools newsletterToo often you hear people say email is so out dated. People don’t email or call these days…they communicate via text or on Facebook. So why waste time on boring old email? Well…in short, it’s where the money is! If you think email marketing is dead, then you can’t miss #SocialTuesday live on #treechat!

The live chat begins 5/21/13 at 11AM PST via Twitter with Corona as this week's host and moderator. Join @Coronatools and other industry experts each week discussing all things related to trees and tree care since 2010!

Key Topic Takeaways

  • Email is your golden ticket – a discussion on why email marketing is vital for businesses and organizations
  • Developing Your Strategy – understanding your goals, scheduling your content and setting your expectations
  • Getting Started – building and managing your email database to grow with your business and delivering targeted email campaigns your readers want
  • registerAchieving Email Nirvana – open rates are great but the call-to- action is what keeps your pocket lined with green
  • Email Formatting – email is never one size fits all, more readers are seeing your emails on mobile device and presentation matters

Email marketing is by far the single most important tool in your marketing tool shed so come join in the conversation on this great topic. Whether you are; a business owner, contractor, committee organizer, or community leader, email should have a place in your marketing strategy.

Don’t miss this special #SocialTuesday chat! If you can’t make the live chat you’ll find a recap of all the links and shares on Corona Tools Storify!  NOTE:  Storify did not register the final 25 mins of this chat...!  Here is a link to the complete chat from Twitter 

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