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Mom's Top 5 Corona Garden Tools

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Wed, May, 08, 2013 @ 10:05 AM

Spring may have begun in March but as part of the country has started to see temperatures pushing triple digits, in other areas there’s still snow on the ground. Regardless of strange weather patterns, Mother’s Day is one Spring event that comes to moms across the country. A day to honor all the moms out there (not that we shouldn't everyday!) for the hard work they do throughout the year.

To honor all the garden moms on Mother’s Day (and everyday…!) we wanted to put together a list of her top 5 favorite tools as shared with us by our many Facebook friends and Twitter followers of Corona Tools. With over 600 tools in our catalog, we’re bound to have missed a few fan favorites… based on what we hear from gardeners like you, we know this list will help ensure Mom has a great day in her garden on Mother’s day, and every day, season after season.

Geri with Corona Lopper

Dual Cut™ Pruning Series – Mom’s love the Dual Cut’s patented blade and hook design and the 20% extra cutting power that makes the cuts with less effort when trimming shrubs, trees, roses and thicker, woodier stems. They are forged steel and built to last.

Razor Tooth Saw – Mom’s tell us this saw helps to empower them to tackle the larger pruning jobs in the garden. Thicker limbs and roses that are 1-3” can take quite a bit of upper body strength to make a cut with a lopper. And rather than calling for help, the Razor Tooth makes quick work out of the task with its special saw tooth-pattern design to make faster cuts with less effort.
bggarden picComfortGEL® Pruning Series – Mom’s can’t seem to get enough of these pruning tools that are not only comfortable in their hands, these tools limit the amount of shock to the hands or upper body. That means she can do the activities she enjoys with all the gain and without the pain to hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.
2-Handed Pruner – Somewhere right in between smaller green steams and tougher, woodier limbs hand pruners can be too big and loppers are back in the tool shed. One tool offers them the best of both worlds, the 2 – Handed Pruner. A pruning blade that makes cuts up to ¾’ in diameter combined with lopper-like handles for added leverage on larger cuts.
eGrip Garden Hand Tools – Mom’s like the ergonomic shape of these garden tools that help with planting, weeding, digging and cultivating soil. With handy features like built in bag rippers and depth markers, these are some of the handiest hand tools in the garden.

WellnessThere you have it, a short list among the many of garden tool favorites for many of our favorite garden moms. And while we couldn't mention all of them, we couldn’t leave it off the Extendable Handle garden tools as we hear from many who love them. They are perfect for using in raised beds and other smaller planter areas due to their solid designed handles that extend from 18” to 32” and perfect moms of all ages.

Did your favorite tool make the list? Share with us in the comments below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Geri Laufer and Dual Cut Lopper from "How I Roll"
ComforGEL snips courtesy of Brenda Haas
Residents of Wellness by Nature's Design a Corona Cares partner

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