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Treecare - Are You Helping or Hurting Your Tree on #Treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Fri, Mar, 01, 2013 @ 10:03 AM

59250551317894162 hEaxjebi bSometimes we have the best intentions for our trees and shrubs, but often we are misinformed about exactly how to help them.  Coming up on the 3/5 #treechat, the Twitteriffic team at TCIA will review some tips on how to help your tree, not hurt it.

The live chat begins at 3/5/13 at 11AM PST with this week's guest hosts, Amy Tetreault @Voiceoftreecare and Tchukki Andersen @TCIA_Arborist of TCIA. Join @Coronatools and other industry experts each week at 11AM PST via Twitter for #treechat. Discussing all things related to trees and tree care since 2010!

Topic highlights covered during this week's chat includes;

  • Planting – proper planting methods to help your tree flourish

  • Watering – tips on proper watering techniques

  • Fertilizing - fertilizing can be harming your tree if not done properly 

  • Pruning – tips that tree owners should know

  • Maintaining – learn how maintaining a tree properly will benefit your tree and you

If you care about your trees, Amy and Tchukki have lots of great information and resources to share on this chat so you won't want to miss it. And if you have questions related to the topic that you would like them to cover during the chat, please leave it in the comments below or tweet it to @Voiceoftreecare before the live chat.

If you do miss the chat, don't worry, you can still access the #treechat Storify 24/7 that will be posted following the chat. The transcript includes all the information and links we shared during the discussion.

Come share with us on this great topic and see you on the live chat!

Topics: #treechat, pruning, planting, watering

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