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When Tree Care Goes Wrong

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Thu, May, 17, 2012 @ 19:05 PM

Crimes Against Treemanity

corona treechatYou know you’ve seen it…a thriving healthy tree one day, then a trunk with no branches the next.  Or that tree that someone planted year ago, whose owner forgot, IT WILL GROW…!  Sometimes it’s poor planning, poor maintenance, limited knowledge of what trees need, and in some cases, a blatant disregard for a tree's health.  What we’re talking about are crimes against treemanity!

This week on #treechat, we discussed and had a photo share about some of the awful things homeowners and some landscape “professionals” do to trees.  Many homeowners think a tree just gets planted and their done.  While the un-professional contractor, who knows little about tree care, takes out their chainsaw and just starts butchering trees.

Our goal is to bring awareness to the many crimes against treemanity we see throughout our neighborhoods and cities and to help others learn what they can to prevent these mistakes in their landscapes.  Our arborist community, who participates weekly on #treechat, shared some great tips on how to help prevent these horrible crimes against nature;

corona treechatRemove bracing cables and poles – after the first 2-3 years a tree is established and no longer needs the added support.

Plan before you plant – when planting your trees, think about the space and will it accommodate your tree when mature.  Is it next to the house or will it grow into the electrical lines…?

Resist volcano mulching – more is not always better, especially not piled up around the base of the trunk which can lead to diseases or tree loss.

Proper pruning – the operative word, PROPER!  It invigorates a tree's health, maintains it shape and balance between a trees canopies and roots.

And #1 takeaway...

Hire a certified arborist – not only do they care about a tree’s health but they will properly maintain it.  It’s easy to locate one from organizations such as TCIA, located in your area.  Just ask yourself, would you prefer a plumber or a physician to provide you with your personal health services?   You get the idea...

You can check out all the great tips and photo shares on our Storify “Crimes Against Treemanity

Corona Wants to Help

Corona is doing its part to help stamp out the bad things that happen to trees every day.  We’re giving one lucky treehugger a set of Corona tools Including a professional pair of loppers, hand pruners, and folding saw valued at approx $150 the most shared photo.

Throughout the month of May (5/31), you can share your Crimes Against Treemanity pictures on any of the #treechat networks;

On Twitter: mention @Coronatools & use the #treechat, post your photo on our Facebook or Google+ page, or pin it on the Crimes Against Treemanity photo board on Pinterest!

Share your post and picture with family and friends and let people know why it’s a “crime” and we'll award the Corona pruning tools to the share that generates the most buzz and awareness.  We’ll announce the winner on 6/1/2012 and along the way, create greater awareness so others will take the time and provide proper care to their trees!

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