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Setting New Trends in Gardening

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Fri, Jul, 16, 2010 @ 08:07 AM
Summer is in full bloom here in zone 8B, Corona, CA. And with a heat index of 110 to 115, during the day, it makes it next to impossible to spend any time outside in the garden. Which is why I tend to be out in the garden after dark these days when it's somewhat cooler. Armed with a flash light, I've been know to be out weeding at midnight!

On a recent late night garden visit, I placed the flashlight on the ground and noticed how it illuminated my pepper plants and the shadow it cast on the fence. It was really beautiful and stared me thinking, I should pick up some of those solar outdoor lights to illuminate all the plants and make it an evening oasis where I can sit and enjoy my garden at night.

moon gardeningIronically, after coming up with that revelation, I ran across an article about moon gardening and how it's gaining in popularity in the bedroom communities for folks who are in the office all day, have a long commute home and rarely see their garden during the light of day. Leaving little time to do gardening, let alone enjoy it. Moon gardening takes advantage of plants that reflect the moon's light or flowers at night making it a relaxing spot to unwind after a long day.

What I find most interesting about this trend in gardening, is how we are constantly creating new ways to enjoy our passion despite what life throws at us. Moon gardening has evolved for those of us working longer hours. Container and roof top gardening is a growing trend among those of us with limited space to grow our own food or add a spot of color and beauty to an otherwise un-growable space.

It's refreshing to see these emerging trends in gardening develop with enthusiasts finding new ways to enjoy and express their passions that fit their lifestyle. I have no doubt there are trend-setters out there paving the way for new and creative ways to garden. So what trends are you setting? In what ways has your lifestyle defined how you garden?

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