growers.jpgWelcome to the Growers Success Summit designed to help you achieve growing success in your garden and landscape this season.  We brought together some of the of the best growers in the business to present some easy to follow tips and techniques that will have you gardening and landscaping like the pros this season!  This is a FREE webinar series loaded with topics that cover the basics for successful gardening and landscaping activities.  To access the recorded session click here to REGISTER NOW!

Growers Success Summit Presenters

Tchukki-Andersen.jpgTchukki (“Chuckie”) Andersen
Staff arborist for Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). She answers inquiries about tree care and arboriculture, and writes articles for the industry’s publications, including A Board Certified Master Arborist and Certified Tree Safety Professional, Tchukki has 20 years of hands-on experience in the field where she specialized in young tree structural pruning and general arboriculture.

AmyTetreault.jpgAmy Tetreault
Marketing & PR Coordinator for Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). She manages the social media campaigns of TCIA, as well as traditional marketing programs, public relations outreach, and copywriting. Catch Amy on Twitter@VoiceofTreeCare. Learn more at

Rebecca-Sweet-Bio-Photo-2.jpegRebecca Sweet

Co-author of the best-selling Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces. Writes the monthly column, Harmony in the Garden for Horticulture Magazine. Owner of the landscape design firm, Harmony in the Garden, located in Northern California. You can also connect and share your success with Rebecca on Facebook.

GeriLauferMarch2011_P12Sm1.jpgGeri Laufer
Horticulturist and widely published authority on herbs and flowers. Her media appearances include Good Morning America, NPR and Home Matters, and a monthly gardening feature on the Atlanta NPR affiliate WABE-FM. Geri’s book Tussie-Mussies, (Workman Publishing) is the definitive work on the Language of Flowers. GardenGeri.comprovides PR and social media strategies for clients in the green industries. You can also connect and grow with Geri on Twitter @GardenGeri.

Chris_SabbareseSM.jpgChris Sabbarese

Self-proclaimed DIY gardener and landscaper, 2nd generation Corona tools loyalist, and the official “voice” of Corona Tools’ social networks. He has a passion for working in the yard met with a “geekiness” for great tools, which intersects with a fascination of social networks.  Chris connects with growers from all walks of life as the administrator of the weekly Twitter discussion,#treechat and co-moderator of #landscapechat.

Carol-Kerrie-Bio-Pic.jpgThe Seed Keeper Co.

Carol and Kerrie, owners of The Seed Keeper Company, have been friends and gardeners for many years. The company was started as a solution to a problem–we needed a place to put our garden seeds. While creating The Seed Keepers, the duo did extensive research about seeds and seed storage and are excited to share it with the Growers Success Summit.

dg100.jpgDaniel Gasteiger

Daniel Gasteiger’s blog, Your Small Kitchen Garden, teaches how to grow real food in relatively limited space. Gasteiger recently published the critically acclaimed book, Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too with Cool Springs Press in which he explains how to preserve fruits and vegetables for long-term storage. He invites you to say “hello” to him on Twitter where he tweets as @cityslipper.

.jpg.jpegMichael NolanThe Garden Rockstar
Writer and speaker on gardening, food and the environment for more than ten years. As the primary author of “I GARDEN: Urban Style”, he introduces gardening to a generation that is ready to reclaim the traditions of growing their own food with a modern twist that is anything but ordinary. He has worked on community garden plans all over the country and is the founder of the Riverside Community Garden in Atlanta, GA. 

AnnieHBPicture_007sm.jpgAnnie Haven
Entrepreneur, business owner, author and speaker continues her family’s legacy of farming and ranching while building a company designed to bring 100% natural soil conditioner to the green-minded grower. Her mission statement and her mantra, “it’s all about the soil” guides her commitment to healthy and sustainable living. Her family’s background in the farming industry combined with the unique benefits of soil conditioner tea has made Ms. Haven an influencer in the gardening world. Connect with Annie on Twitter @GreenSoil

RRsm.jpgRichard Restuccia
Director of Water Management Solutions at ValleyCrest Companies, Inc. He has been associated with the Green Industry for over 13 years working for ValleyCrest Companies and Rain Bird Corporation. He serves on the San Diego Water Conservation Action Committee, the Irrigation Association’s Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee, and is Co-chair of the Political Action Committee. He created and edits the water blog and can be found on Twitter @H2oTrends.

kerrymendez_sm.jpgKerry MendezOwner of Perennially Yours in Upstate NY. As a designer, consultant, garden columnist and author, she focuses on time-saving gardening techniques, workhorse plant material and organic practices. Mendez has been featured in national gardening magazines as well as on HGTV. She hosted a regional garden TV spot and her books, The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Top Ten Lists and Top Ten Lists for Beautiful Shade Gardens are top sellers for gardeners in Zones 3 through 7. A self-taught gardener with over 25 years of experience and a ‘passionate perennialist’, Mendez enjoys mixing humor with practical information.

CRVPromoImage_sm.jpgChris VanCleave “The Redneck Rosarian”
Acclaimed rosarian Chris VanCleave has been growing roses for over 15 years. A member of the American Rose Society, Chris currently serves as President of the Birmingham Rose Society and is the founder of #RoseChat, a popular rose gardening chat on Twitter as @RedneckRosarian. He is a garden contributor at ShelbyCoMagazine, a local business and lifestyle publication in Shelby County, Alabama. Chris blogs his rose gardening adventures

LaManda_sm.jpgLaManda Joy
LaManda is an award winning Master Gardener, author of the popular garden lifestyle blog “The Yarden”, a Square Foot Gardening Certified Instructors and Founder of The Peterson Garden Project a community and edible garden education program in Chicago, Illinois. She is a board member of the American Community Gardening Association, member of The Culinary Historians of Chicago and a national speaker on Victory Gardens, both historic and modern, and other edible garden topics. LaManda wants to teach everyone she meets to grow their own food… seriously!

ACGA_LOGO.jpgBeth Urban
Executive Director of ACGA since May 2011. For the past 12 years, Beth worked at Communities In Schools of Central Ohio as the Director of Operations. While in that position, the organization started four new school gardens in their afterschool programs. Beth says that these programs were a great way to build a sense of community and teach the students about the value of locally grown food. Beth hopes to be able to build on her past experiences in community building to help further the mission of ACGA. As a lifelong organic gardener, she still struggles with how to keep her cats from sitting on all of her plants, and welcomes challenges both big and small.

robin-horton-urban-gardens-photo.jpgRobin Horton
Robin Horton is the publisher of the award-winning and Webby-nominated green urban lifestyle and design blog, Urban Gardens. Robin explores and showcase what’s out there in the urban garden universe–from the amazing products of talented new designers, to community gardens experimenting with edible landscaping, sustainable urban agriculture and micro-farms, to guerrilla gardeners transforming derelict abandoned properties into lush, or at least, provocative garden spaces.

Doug-Hall_sm.jpgDoug Hall
Doug Hall is the senior editor of Organic Gardening. In this role, he oversees the magazine’s test garden in Pennsylvania and its network of regional test gardeners. Prior to joining Organic Gardening, he served as editor at Flower & Garden and Better Homes and Gardens magazines. A lifelong gardener, Doug studied horticulture in college and spent four years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Latin America.

kateavatar_reasonably_small.jpgKate Copsey
Freelance garden writer and host of the weekly radio show, America’s Home Grown Veggie Show. Kate writes the vegetable column for Ohio Gardener and has always had a fondness for historical gardens and gardeners which led to a special interest in the heirloom vegetables and flowers that they grew. Follow Kate on Twitter and Facebook!   Links can be found on her website.

rbornstien_sm.jpgRobert Bornstein
A media professional with television, journalism, blogging and marketing expertise. A Registered Horticulture Therapist with the American Horticulture Therapy Association. Past President: Florida Chapter of the American Horticulture Therapy Association. Recipient of the 2010 Professional Achievement Award from Florida AHTA Chapter. Looking to improve the mind body and spirit of the world by the use of horticulture in television, books, networking and blogging. Connect with Robert on Facebook, his website and YouTube channel.