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Corona's Fun Facts about Tweeps Who Treechat

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Mon, Sep, 10, 2012 @ 14:09 PM

CoronaTools TreechatTracing its roots to back to 2010, #treechat has become a weekly tradition each “TreeTuesday” on Twitter.  We’ve discussed many great topics over the years and meet some very cool tweeps who care about trees.  This week on treechat, we celebrate those who join us each week to share, learn and make the chat one of the best hours on Twitter.  This is your chance to get to know an interesting fact about some of the folks who tweet with us.

But giving you the fact about these tree tweeps would be way to easy…we like to talk and share.  Listed below are some tweeps on #treechat and it’s up to you to figure out which fact goes with which person.  Some are easy and some are down-right, “who’d of thought…??”!  So during the 9/11 live chat you’ll have the opportunity to ask.

And did I mention there are prizes involved?  You’re goal is to be the 1st to tweet out the person with the fact which is formatted like this example;  “@Coronatools #funfact #12 #treechat” If you're missing any of the hastags it may be missed.

Corona Tools Quick SawJust post the name and the fact number, and the 1st correct tweet recorded gets the point.  And the prize?  A goodie bag of Corona Tools in time for late-Summer and Fall pruning!  Including a Corona Quick Saw, 2 Handed Pruner, Dual Cut bypass pruner and ComfortGEL snips!  $125 value! Here's the list of tweeps so start tweeting and getting to know a few folks who care about trees!

The Facts

Twitter ID


Fun Fact

@Arborjet 6 A marketing team who are avid skiers, running & documentary nerds.
@BackyardWisdom 3 I really don't like Magnolia grandiflora--had to sweep too many leaves out of my gran's white sand
drive in south AL.
@BG_Garden 16 I met David Mizejewski @Dmizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation.
@ChicagoTreeMD 8 I grew up in Gary, IN (like Michael Jackson) learned to love outdoors by spending time in the Indiana
Dunes National Lakeshore.
@CoronaTools 13 We sent our first tweet in March 15, 2010.
@CristinaGardens 11 I have two degrees in Horticulture (BSc and MSc).
@DaveyTree 17 I once held an art show and sold 8 out of 10 paintings!
@GreenSoil 4 Inc. Magazine featured an article about me in 2010
@jchapstk 12 I have done volunteer work at Fullerton Arboretum in CA and with Rev Jesse Jackson.
@MasterGardening 10 I can't watch scary movies or hear ghost stories, this includes the movie ET.
@NJTrees 2 I used to be a professional dancer.
@BillsGarden 14 ROOTS-anchored in Florida, CROWN-few leafs left, TRUNK-almost as many rings as the Giant Sequoia
General Sherman.
@StarkBrosCares 7 I lived in South Florida for 25 years and didn't own a citrus tree until moving to the midwest.
@TCIA_Arborist 5 I used to work on a carrot farm in Washington State. Lotsa vitamin A.
@thecareoftrees 15 I have been to Space Camp.
@Voiceoftreecare 9 I recently won the Angerosa Research Foundation 'Rising Star' Scholarship.
@YolandaVanVeen 1 My family grew Christmas trees growing up. Doug fir, Nobles and Blue Spruce - Nobles are my favorite!

The Winners

Congrats to and who each grabbed 4 points and a prize package worth $125 of Corona Tools, came in at 3 points and , and each got 2.

Thanks to everyone on #treechat for making it one of the best chats on Twitter!

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