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What's Mom Got to do With Your Garden Passion?

Posted by Chris Sabbarese on Thu, May, 03, 2012 @ 10:05 AM

corona tools bp 3160 While out in the garage organizing some things last week, I came across a box of what I would reference as “miscellaneous” items.  As I rummaged through it, I realized it was a box of garden stuff that belonged to my mom.  A pair of old gloves, some small pots for her African Violets, among other things, and a pair of bypass pruners.  Low and behold, they were Corona!  Mom always did have great taste…!

corona toolsOf course this time of year, the country is gearing up for Mother’s Day and finding that box reminded me how much my mom taught me about gardening growing up in the Pacific Northwest.  We grew all the basic veggies and even some of the obscure ones…I don’t know anyone these days who grows kohlrabi…!  She was also a “mad-canner” of everything from beans, tomatoes and pickles.  Little did I know she was setting me up with the skills and a passion for growing fresh that I’m now teaching to my kids.  Thanks Mom and I hope I do you proud!

It seemed fitting that as we celebrate Mom across the country on 5/13, to give back to all the mom’s out there who help nurture and inspire us to garden.  Starting today, you can send us your story and picture of Mom and share how she influences (or influenced) your passion for gardening.  Doesn’t need to be a novel, just a thank you for what she teaches you, words of wisdom she imparts, a memory from your childhood that stuck with you over the years…etc.  You get the idea…! 

corona hand tool toteOn 5/10, Corona will select 3 posts and celebrate them on our Facebook page.  Corona Tools fans will comment or like them to cast their vote for the post they think really celebrates Mom.  Then on Mother’s Day, we’ll award the post with the most comments and likes with $100 shopping spree on  And of course, since you are continuing in her gardening footsteps, we’ll give you a matching gift.  The other 2 shares selected, will each get a set of or new ComfortGEL snips and pruners or our e-Grip Garden Hand Tools with Corona tote.

Start sharing what Mom has to do with your growing passion here and we’ll help you both celebrate this very special Mother’s Day!   And for those moms who garden with us in spirit, it certainly doesn’t diminish the contributions they made in our lives.  Keep the tools and think of her when you use them or share them with someone you know who may be new to gardening.  Happy Mother's Day and happy story telling everyone!

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